Pai and Beyond

Pai and beyond

We also had more adventurers arrive… Grace from Australia, had ridden up from there on her way to Europe, on her KTM690, and at the same time Cherie, from Singapore dropped in on her 701, heading into Laos and Quezzie arrived too.
The place has taken a lot of effort to get things sorted. New pumps, screens, furniture, mattresses, coffee machine, etc, etc. Who’d have thought running a bike bar would be so much work? When the local lads and lasses come to play, the parking fills up fairly quickly… albeit mostly adventure, um, scooters.
My go-to bike around town is now the Click. It’s pushing 2,000 km and it hardly ever goes more than a couple of kilometres at a time. Further out, it’s the Forza. Out of town it’s a bike (with some exceptions).
Paul’s time in Chiang Mai was coming to an end. Quezzie was in town for a month, and she knew Trevor… so, with not enough time to do the Nan / Chiang Khong loop with Paul, we headed to Pai and beyond. We decided to go the back way, via Samoeng – as it is now paved the whole way, which suited our eclectic mix of bikes.
I wasn’t kidding when I said eclectic mix….. read more