Back on the Saddle


We have had a few interesting few rides lately. Day rides and multi-day rides. We’ve got digital nomads and overlanders in town… some wintering here and others riding through. Here’s some shots from some of the rides.
There’s at least three inmates in this pic… and I am fairly certain some of the others have log-ins too. Cro59 is writing of his travels here in another thread, Big’nTall posts in various parts of the forum. Trevor is wintering here, Grace is riding through from Oz to Paris and Paul edits a well known adventure motorcycling magazine. JM and I live here in Chiang Mai.
Mahsa is a well-known Iranian adventurer who keeps a CRF in Chiang Mai, and Pablo and Rosanna are now in Laos on one of my DRZs.
Back to riding…. JM, on his KLX250, Paul on one of my DRZs (this one’s a 440 kitted bike) and Trevor, then on a rental CB150R and myself on the Ducati, set off for a border run to Mae Sai.

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